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JAM Trading Group

Customs brokerage Iran registered


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About Us

Jam Trading and Brokerage Group (Shamli Trading Co.) directed by Jafar Shamli, holder of an official brokerage permit from the Iranian Customs, initiated its activity in 2000 in the area of merchandise export, import and customs clearance from all permitted countries in different fields. By applying proficient and experienced forces at all Iranian customs in field of clearing import and export goods via land, air, sea and railroad, this company has been able to achieve a grand position among other companies that are active in the same field, and it holds many honors, which one of the most important ones is cooperation with the Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company that still continues.
The close and elongated cooperation of Jam Trading and Brokerage Group with important customs offices in the country, trade promotion organization of Iran, marine time fleets, standard organization and research center and other affiliated organizations related to clearing merchandise, has provided promising conditions in order to accelerate the process of merchandise clearance and delivery affairs.
With branch offices in UAE (Dubai), India and Netherlands, this group is able to negotiate, purchase, transport and clear merchandise under any circumstance.
The Jam Trading Group is proud to serve you during all stages for negotiation and consultation in order to make the right decision. Our goal is to increase your awareness for making a favorable decision and to save time and cost. For this purpose, we will stand by you from the beginning to end.

JAM Service

  • Free Customs Affairs Consultation
  • Merchandise Import and Clearance
  • Export
  • Obtaining Customs Exemption
  • International Transportation
  • Merchandise Inspection Services



  • Consulting in customs affairs, rules and executive guidelines
  • Consulting in regards to registration affairs and merchandise tariff priorities
  • Consulting in determining the correct and specialty tariff
  • Consulting in financial and taxation affairs regarding import and export
  • Consulting in obtaining exemption from the Industry, Mine and Trade Organization in regards to new and second-hand production lines
  • Consulting in international transportation
  • Consulting and performing banking affairs and opening credits
  • Consulting and performing reinstatement the Draw-Back:subject of Article 66 (entrance, VAT and Red Crescent rights)
  • Consulting manufacturers and exporters regarding temporary entrance of raw materials, mediator merchandise and catalysts in order to utilize Draw-Back( article 66 of the customs affairs law)
  • Negotiating with foreign companies for ordering and purchasing merchandise under all circumstances
  • Concluding contracts with different organizations and traders for import, export and clearing merchandise accordant to the regulations of the finance and taxation organization and the Iranian Chamber of Commerce

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