Group trading and brokerage Jam with years of experience in the import and export of goods from most countries will allow a very high time savings in all business affairs and customs controls

Clearance Services

Set Jam trade and brokerage, customs brokerage Iranian official, with operating subsidiaries in Bandar Abbas, Tehran, Isfahan, Bushehr and other customs of the country in order to provide services, taking Trkhysyh and all matters relating to customs clearance allowed the country is ready to cooperate with your loved ones.

Order of Business

Group Business Broker Consulting jam you do order (tariffs filed with the maximum possible without license) tariff and obtaining the necessary permits with you.

A leading provider of services for all matters of customs and export


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Security, integrity, professionalism and efficiency of the collection of Mr Jafar include creating peace of mind and confidence that our strong concern in any order and its clearance away from us. Good luck to him and his colleagues in this category have increased.